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28 November 2014 @ 11:20 am
WAVE RUNNER [2015.02.18]

[Regular Edition (1CD)]
WPCL-12026 ¥2,500

[Limited Edition (2CD)]
WPCL-12019/20 ¥3,000

CD 1:
01 Wave Runner
02 Another World
03 Dreamin' Boy
04 Hero
05 Dancing Planet
06 Depth (vocal dub mix)
07 Feel Again
08 Unrequited Love
09 White As Snow
10 Beyond The Sky

CD 2:
01 Another World (extended mix)
02 Hero (extended mix)
03 Feel Again (extended mix)
04 White As Snow (extended mix)


According to CAPSULE themselves on their official website, Nakata + Toshiko are planning to release a new album in 2014. This will be a new Capsule original album, and if CAPS LOCK is anything to go by we're in for a treat!

Though it is fair to say that Capsule style-hop so frequently it is almost impossible to tell if a new album will match the sound of an older one, I think every Capsule fan can agree that the excitement is rife!

The original article is included below for reference.

[Spoiler (click to open)]CAPSULE通算15枚目となるオリジナル・アルバムを2014年内にリリースすることが決定しました。
詳細はCAPSULE OFFICIALページにて、後日発表致しますので、楽しみにお待ちください!!

--- Via CAPSULE OFFICIAL Facebook Page and Website.

Cling Cling now available in full via iTunes Japan, Recochoku and Amuse Mobile DX.

The track length of the song is 4:17 and what was aired on Perfume LOCKS! was the short version.

Listen to it here!



WORLD TOUR 3rd announced!

"Finally, "Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd" is confirmed!!! We will be going to the US, Taiwan, Singapore and UK!!"

Oct. 31 (Fri) Taiwan @ Taipei International Convention Center
Nov. 2 (Sun) Singapore @ Resorts World ™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Nov. 9 (Sun) Los Angeles (USA) @ HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM
Nov. 12 (Wed) London (United Kingdom) @ EVENTIM APOLLO HAMMERSMITH

Check the offical WT3 site for information on booking tickets and the like! http://www.perfume-web.jp/cam/WORLD/
PTA and WPTA ticket presale lottery is also up, check your respective site for information!

Read more...Collapse )Source: http://www.perfume-web.jp/news/https://www.facebook.com/Perfume.global?fref=nf
Limited Edition (CD+DVD)

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD+Photobooklet)

you can see the Cling Cling teaser here, and the short version of DISPLAY here.
it keeps showing "Invalid auth string" every time i try to embed them. it worked fine earlier!
02 June 2014 @ 03:46 am
Hello everyone! My name is Robert and I've just joined contemode livejournal! I've always checked out this website for new news, and it seems like a great community, so I decided to make an account.

Meg and capsule are really my two favorites, Perfume and Kyary are good too.

-I live in East Texas, in the United States of America; really want to move to Vancouver, and Tokyo peaks my interest! As well as Santorini.

I love it when japanese songs incorporate english words into their songs. In a song the lyrics are the thing I care about most, words are really cool to me.

My favorite song by Meg would have to be Toxic, and for capsule it would be I Wish You.

I'm a Gemini Rising! So I'm very upbeat and happy about a lot of things.

I look forward to meeting all of you! Maybe we could join together at a Harajuku Fashion Walk in the future! <3

Oh! I almost forgot! I have a tumblr if anyone is interested, here is the link: cosmiccaviar
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「Cling Cling」Promo Image

Perfume has announced their new single Cling Cling which will be released on July 16, 2014 and come in three editions: Regular (currently unavailable), Limited, and Special Limited. Tracklist, packaging differences, and CDJapan/HMV preorder links can be found below the read more.
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17 March 2014 @ 11:36 pm
Hi! :D
Have you heard Dj Emergency on Soundcloud?
If not, here are some remixes he did to perfume that for sure you will enjoy,
check these out:

Perfume - Edge (DJ Emergency 911 Remix)

Perfume - Party Maker (DJ Emergency 911 Remix)

Perfume - Perfume - Spending All My Time (DJ Emergency 911 Extended Remix)
This is really hard and nice at the end

Perfume - Fake It (DJ Emergency 911 Remix)

What do you think? Which one did you like the most?
Do you know of other mixes we can hear while we wait for more releases?

Have a very good ystk day! =D
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I realized there's probably still quite a few people who come here for Nakata Yasutaka news updates on his work/the artists he produces, so I figured I'd make this post. :x Before I go into it, I do want to thank the few people who post here that always link back to my news posts on my fuckyeahystk Tumblr, I appreciate being sourced!

First of all, all of capsule's lyrics have been translated by Tumblr user renai-junkie!. She has also done all the COLTEMONIKHA lyrics here and has translated what I could save of Nakata's old-as-heck blog posts. Nakata's blog entries are being posted here, I'm kind of rationing them out because there's only so many but they'll eventually all be there and I post one every Sunday.

Next, Tumblr user roomgirl has recently done a translation of a FLASH BACK era capsule interview and also, using scans I provided, a MARQUEE interview from COLTEMONIKHA back in 2006 shortly before their debut mini-album came out. If either of those time periods/artists are favorites of yours, I highly recommend checking out those interviews! They're great.

Lastly, I wanted to put a list here of specific sites (well, really just Tumblr blogs -- social media sort of took over everything) for specific artists that are associated with Nakata Yasutaka. They're the go-tos for news updates and translations of said artists, so they're a better bet than this community. I'll throw these under a read more:

Read moreCollapse )

I realize it kind of sucks to have to check multiple sources for news on different artists, but if you want the bare basics of all Nakata-related acts, just going to fuckyeahystk is fine. :x Also, I've heard through the woodwork that there's a lot of Perfume Facebook fan pages, so if you're interested in that there's another avenue from which to get news/participate in fan discussions.

Oh, one more thing... This isn't related to Nakata, but RAM RIDER is planning to release a new album this year. [Cheers and confetti from absolutely no one besides me and roomgirl.] He also debuted a new song at an ASOBINITE event the other night, so I'm hoping he'll play it on his internet radio show AUDIO GALAXY this coming Tuesday.
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13 March 2014 @ 01:34 pm
So, m-flo is releasing a new mix-album on March 26th which looks pretty cool,
lots of EDM with Hardwell in it, but best news is:
>>>> it has a YSTK remix of "The love bug" <<<<

So there's new Nakata on the 19th with Kylie and 26th with m-flo,
both second times he mixes each of them.

What do you think guys?
Are we expecting FruitsClipper-ish or StereoWorxxy stuff?

Who am I fooling, Nakata will do what he will do anyway, uh? xD
But what do you think?

Original source:

Yes, and you can get one of the Only 6 more copies available at the moment:

Do you remember the original song?
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