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13 March 2014 @ 01:34 pm
M-FLO loves BOA / YSTK RMX! = Happiness!  
So, m-flo is releasing a new mix-album on March 26th which looks pretty cool,
lots of EDM with Hardwell in it, but best news is:
>>>> it has a YSTK remix of "The love bug" <<<<

So there's new Nakata on the 19th with Kylie and 26th with m-flo,
both second times he mixes each of them.

What do you think guys?
Are we expecting FruitsClipper-ish or StereoWorxxy stuff?

Who am I fooling, Nakata will do what he will do anyway, uh? xD
But what do you think?

Original source:

Yes, and you can get one of the Only 6 more copies available at the moment:

Do you remember the original song?
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