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About me, pretty new to livejournal

Hello everyone! My name is Robert and I've just joined contemode livejournal! I've always checked out this website for new news, and it seems like a great community, so I decided to make an account.

Meg and capsule are really my two favorites, Perfume and Kyary are good too.

-I live in East Texas, in the United States of America; really want to move to Vancouver, and Tokyo peaks my interest! As well as Santorini.

I love it when japanese songs incorporate english words into their songs. In a song the lyrics are the thing I care about most, words are really cool to me.

My favorite song by Meg would have to be Toxic, and for capsule it would be I Wish You.

I'm a Gemini Rising! So I'm very upbeat and happy about a lot of things.

I look forward to meeting all of you! Maybe we could join together at a Harajuku Fashion Walk in the future! <3

Oh! I almost forgot! I have a tumblr if anyone is interested, here is the link: cosmiccaviar

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