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contemode/nakata yasutaka community

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contemode // nakata yasutaka fan community
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Fans of contemode/Nakata Yasutaka production (capsule, Perfume, Ami Suzuki, MEG etc.)
contemode is a Japanese music label centered in trendy Shibuya, Tokyo and run by a man named Yasutaka Nakata. It was mostly formed as a base for his band by the name capsule, which he produces, composes, writes, designs and even directs the PVs for. capsule consists of Nakata and vocalist Toshiko Koshijima. There are a few other artists on the contemode label, who are all also under Nakata's artistic control.

Why love contemode? Simple. They are on the cutting edge of cool, both visually and musically, combining elements of electropop, Shibuya-kei, French pop, acid jazz and lounge, and most recently, electro-disco, dance, and hardcore house. Their look is fashionable, and since they've been around years before their debut in 2001, they're far from a passing trend. You may often see their music for sale in trendy Shibuya boutiques. Nakata has claimed that his music is simply "an accessory to fashion"; colourful, creative and ever-changing.

This community is meant to be a place for all fans of Nakata Yasutaka's production to come and discuss everything about it, share news and translations, and be with people with similiar tastes. We are one half of the community stereo_night. All non-Nakata Yasutaka artists go there!

Please join this community if you have an interest in capsule, the artists of contemode, or even the current electro-house movement in general.

And now, some rules due to popular demand:
-Please check back AT LEAST 5 POSTS BEFORE posting something.
-Please respect the opinions of others and refrain from contributing negative comments and flaming. If you have a problem with a poster or one of the community's policies, message a moderator instead of perpetuating complaints on the community.
-Don't flood with redundant posts/comments.
-Please don't ask for someone to upload capsule's discography, and the like.
-Promote your blog/community at your own risk.
-You may only discuss Nakata Yasutaka acts here (capsule, MEG, Perfume, Ami Suzuki, Coltemonikha, remixes etc). All other news goes to stereo_night.
-If you think that your entry might be unrelated or that only some of the members will enjoy it, lock it just to be safe, so you reduce the traffic for people who only check the community for news.

Our extended electro family:
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