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Lyrics + capsule and COLTEMONIKHA interview translations + contemode-related sites to follow + etc

I realized there's probably still quite a few people who come here for Nakata Yasutaka news updates on his work/the artists he produces, so I figured I'd make this post. :x Before I go into it, I do want to thank the few people who post here that always link back to my news posts on my fuckyeahystk Tumblr, I appreciate being sourced!

First of all, all of capsule's lyrics have been translated by Tumblr user renai-junkie!. She has also done all the COLTEMONIKHA lyrics here and has translated what I could save of Nakata's old-as-heck blog posts. Nakata's blog entries are being posted here, I'm kind of rationing them out because there's only so many but they'll eventually all be there and I post one every Sunday.

Next, Tumblr user roomgirl has recently done a translation of a FLASH BACK era capsule interview and also, using scans I provided, a MARQUEE interview from COLTEMONIKHA back in 2006 shortly before their debut mini-album came out. If either of those time periods/artists are favorites of yours, I highly recommend checking out those interviews! They're great.

Lastly, I wanted to put a list here of specific sites (well, really just Tumblr blogs -- social media sort of took over everything) for specific artists that are associated with Nakata Yasutaka. They're the go-tos for news updates and translations of said artists, so they're a better bet than this community. I'll throw these under a read more:

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I realize it kind of sucks to have to check multiple sources for news on different artists, but if you want the bare basics of all Nakata-related acts, just going to fuckyeahystk is fine. :x Also, I've heard through the woodwork that there's a lot of Perfume Facebook fan pages, so if you're interested in that there's another avenue from which to get news/participate in fan discussions.

Oh, one more thing... This isn't related to Nakata, but RAM RIDER is planning to release a new album this year. [Cheers and confetti from absolutely no one besides me and roomgirl.] He also debuted a new song at an ASOBINITE event the other night, so I'm hoping he'll play it on his internet radio show AUDIO GALAXY this coming Tuesday.

Ultranimbus Presents: YSTKZINE - Fan Zine Dedicated to Yasutaka

A creative collection, called Ultranimbus, will be hosting an art show celebrating J-pop and K-pop in Los Angeles this month.

As a bonus, the event will serve to release a new zine, called "YSTK," filled with collaborations within Ultranimbus to celebrate Yasutaka Nakata and the acts he helps to produce. The zine will also be released with an eleven track cover album with covers of songs from CAPSULE, MEG, Perfume, and Kyary.

Check out the tracklist and event details under the cut:

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Do we have any LA contemode members that would go to this? If you do, take pictures and make a post about it!

Translated Perfume Interview

Perfume's interview with Blouin Artfinfo caused a little bit of controversy with their comment about a gay couple that came to meet them at a show, so I thought I'd post it here to get some of contemode's thoughts about it. Enjoy!

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The maze of hallways inside Japan national broadcaster NHK’s TV studios often feel like the backstage area of a concert hall — but at no time more so, perhaps, than during pre-recording sessions for regular TV show “Music Japan.” For while the show introduces some of the country’s leading rock and pop acts, it is the presenters that have become one of the nation’s biggest sensations in the last few years.

Ayaka Nishiwaki, Ayano Omoto and Yuka Kashino, better known as “A-chan,” “Nocchi” and “Kashiyuka” to their fans, make up J-Pop dance unit Perfume. All in their mid-twenties, the usually technicolor-dressed trio formed some 13 years ago in Hiroshima, starting life as an Akihabara idol group, but quickly emerging as an electronic dance unit, thanks to the knob-twiddling wizardry of producer Yasutaka Nakata.

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Official CAPS LOCK Review/Stream Post

The entire album is now officially out (at least in the US). This is the official post for streaming and reviewing the album, so keep everything to the comments!

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CAPSULE is also #13 on the electronic albums charts on US iTunes right now!

Favorite/least favorite song? Do you like the concept CAPSULE went with? Happy/sad/crying/mad/joyful/etc?

CAPS LOCK Early Release Date

Yasutaka Nakata, a producer of Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, soundtracks for a TV series “LIAR GAME”, and he recently had collaborated on a song for a film “Star Trek Into Darkness”, and the US No.1 hit film “Chronicle”. Now he is one of the topnotch producers in Japan. CAPSULE is his creative outlut where he expresses his creativity in the way he truly wants.
CAPSULE recently reveal the teaser spot for a lead track from their new album ”CAPS LOCK”, the first album after they signed a new deal with new label. Now they just announced that the album will be digitally released worldwide ahead of Japan release on October 23rd. Starting October 16th, Wednesday, the album will be available on iTunes(R)Store in 110 countries except Japan.
Even this is their first attempt, the news is drawing enthusiastic response from international music listeners who already caught the news prior to the official release, which tells us how much CAPSULE / Yasutaka Nakata is received worldwide and what he means to the world.
In Japan, a lead track “CONTROL” and album pre-order will be available on iTunes(R)Store on 16th. As a bonus, an extended mix will come with the album exclusively on iTunes(R)Store Japan. Now “CONTROL” is aired on radio

●International release
【New Album ”CAPS LOCK” exclusively available on iTunes(R)Store ahead of Japan】
Starts on Oct 16th(Wed)(Below URL will be available on 16th.)
(This is only for international, you cannot buy it on iTunes®Store in Japan.)

●Digital Release < Japan>
【Lead single「CONTROL」 + Album Pre-Order(comes with a bonus track)】
Starts on Oct 16th(Wed) (Below URL will be available on 16th.)

It was mistakenly reported on Kyary's facebook that the album would be out on the 6th digitally, but it will actually be released on the 16th


CAPSULE Pre-order Specials

Those who reserve and purchase CAPSULE's new album, CAPS LOCK, will be presented with a special sticker exclusive to one of the five participating stores.

The logo stickers will be available as a first-come first-serve basis at TOWER Records (Pictured above), TSUTAYA Records, Lawson HMV, Shinseido/WonderGOO, and various online stores. All of the stickers will be 8cm x 8cm.

Check below to see the four other pre-order bonuses.

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OP note: I just summarized from Google Translate, so if I left out anything or messed up, let me know.

If you're pre-ordering the CD, which store will you be ordering it from?