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...and the aprils strike again.

A few years ago, when Perfume went morbidly popular with Polyrhythm, a pop group called "The Aprils" made a parody called "Stainless girl" which went kind of viral everywhere and was later made into a full track. This year they're back with BOMB BOMB BOMB under the name "Eipuri-mokyumokyu". 

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article by natalie

 love how their parodies always seem to be better than their own actual songs
Komatsu Ayaka - Welcome to my world

The Aprils celebrate the first day of their month


I won't even say anything, you have to see it for yourself.

EDIT: For those of you who were too late, basically, Japanese electronic band The Aprils did a parody of Perfume for April Fool's. Their entire site was an imitation of Perfume's website, and they had several images portraying themselves as Perfume (using Polyrhythm and Perfume ~Complete Best~ for inspiration), as well as one picture of two of the members as capsule, because their producer was Nakama Norihisa (a real person, but is otherwise just a supporting member). His surname was spelled with two kanji, and his forename with four katakana - much like Nakata Yasutaka's. It was the most clever fool I saw all day. xD

In addition, there was a short video clip of their "newest single" "Stainless Girl" (ステンレスガール), as well as a short mp3 of it. Both are gone now, but you can look at the thumbnail in Imai Kentaro's (a member of The Aprils) Youtube profile for a tiny idea of what it was like.

Everything has since been removed from their site, but if you're interested in hearing I've uploaded it here.

If anybody managed to get screencaps, please post them!

EDIT 2: The video has been uploaded to Youtube.